Why Dan Ace Television

Dan Ace Television has worked with some of the best, so why do Directors come to Dan Ace Television?

"Why do I come to Dan Ace? Television is all about people, and when your reputation is on the line, you do not only need the best, you need people, you can depend on, That's Dan Ace Television.."
Tony Wilkie-Millar BBC TV


In the beginning of time, when tranquillity ruled the world, and man spoke of peace to his neighbours, a dog came on the scene called Dan, to his human friend; he was the ace of dogs. For several years he lived a happy and contented life, but as time went by he became ill. As he took those last steps into a fading sun set, and as the credits rolled, his friend vowed his name would not be forgotten through time. It was then; in 1979 Dan Ace Film Productions was formed. In 1994 the company name was changed to Dan Ace Television.

Since 1979 the company has worked on a wide range of programmes for broadcast and corporate television including "Penny Arcade" Kings Cross Fire Disaster, The Chinese State Circus, "When Do the Artists Arrive?" (Circus Documentary), and the Making of Surreal, (featuring Rick Wakeman).

Dan Ace Television
It is Dan Ace's aim to bring professional, affordable productions to corporate companies.
We use the latest broadcast cameras on location, state of the art digital editing in our own studios. All as used on numerous productions.

Email us at Info@DanAce.com